The Newbie - UpStart

Beginning a thousand mile, joyous journey with the first step, you’re now the proud owner of a stringed instrument! You will come to cherish it if you don’t already, and the need to protect it will become apparent. One of the first things you learn in the world of music – included accessories (if any) are just usually not that great, and cheap dust covers don’t do much protecting at all. You need a solid gig bag, and you need it yesterday.

That’s where our UpStart bag comes in. In this series, we utilize our HardCell™ foam to provide a huge step up in protection over the standard, flimsy, entry-level slip – at a fantastic value that ANY musician can afford.

The Devoted Student - Stage One

Time and music have worked their magic, and now you’re really IN this thing. You’re starting or have already begun one of the most rewarding phases along your path as a musician; playing with other musicians. You might be jamming with friends, taking your axe to school, or playing in your church. Your baby goes with you wherever you go, and the need for an increased feature set and greater protection has arisen. Your hard case or gig bag must be dependable, high quality, reliable – and of course, affordable. You’re at Stage One.

With our Stage One series of bags and cases, every player can have professional-level protection at an affordable price. Our Stage One gig bag is so well engineered that it has become the most-copied bag and case design in our industry – often sold as a deluxe model in competitors’ lines. By utilizing our OEM experience and assets and eschewing fashion for function, we’re able to deliver extraordinary protection and convenience at the lowest price possible.

The Active Performer- Stage Three

You’ve become an active player, gigging and rehearsing all around town – perhaps the region. You’re constantly in motion, but increased movement means increased risk for your gear. You’ve invested in quality instruments and equipment; now you realize it’s time you invested in adequate protection and features made for the busy player living and working in the real world. Welcome to Stage Three.

The Access Stage Three gig bag is the original Hybrid/Hard Bag. Often imitated today, we invented an entirely new category of bag years ago to eclipse the protection level and feature set of our hardy Stage One gig bags, thereby launching the hard bag revolution. Features like dense polymer panels in the foam shell of our Stage Three Hard Bag and thicker, arched-top plywood tops and bottoms on the Stage Three Case deliver previously unheard of protection and integrity, while the durability of materials and attention to exterior appointments is increased as well.

The Dedicated Pro - Stage Five

Now you’re a working professional, serious about your craft. You need serious protection and pro-level features to cradle your finest axe and set your mind at ease. Stage Five is made for you.

The most durable gig bag on the market, the Stage Five Hybrid Bag mates a TSA-approved lock to highly engineered and incredibly tough laminated ballistic paneling over an encapsulated, EVA shock-absorbing foam interior. An all-important moisture barrier rounds out the protective feature set – allowing these bags to actually be checked as luggage. Resilient without sacrificing style, Stage Five also remains light and comfortable enough to elicit envy in all other road warriors you pass by.

Stage Five Cases feature our toughest shells and employ strength-enhancing arched tops and backs along with innovative custom-molded inserts to completely immobilize your guitar within the case. The presentation is enhanced by luxurious, crushed velvet linings and textured exterior finishes.

When Cool Is The Rule - Harvest Fine Leather Bags

While functionality is the primary focus of our ACCESS bag and case designs, we recognize that sometimes… well, you just want a really cool bag or a premium strap with serious vibe. Enter Harvest Fine Leather. From worn-in and vintage to sleek and elegant, there’s nothing cooler than an authentic leather gig bag, handmade by the skilled German craftsmen at Harvest Fine Leather.

Each bag is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind due to natural variations in the genuine leather, and each model is available in an array of leather types, finishes, and colors. Sturdy fittings and solid protective features ensure the bags’ protection factor matches the style factor. We’re proud to be one of very few US companies to carry the Harvest Fine Leather lines of gig bags and guitar straps.

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