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We are a small American Company dedicated to creating the world’s finest feeling, playing and sounding electric guitar—period!
Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson Guitarworks

When you buy a Lucky Dog guitar you can rest assured you aren’t going to see someone else with one just like yours.
Anthony Sims

Lucky Dog Guitars

My instruments are what I like to call, simple but elegant, built one at a time in my shop using traditional methods.
Robert O’Brien

O' Brien Guitars

Wilkins Guitar Finishes and Road Tested Guitars is well known and highly respected for delivering top quality custom finishes and fine instruments.
Pat Wilkins

Pat Wilkins Guitars

I got obsessed with the guitar and had this romantic notion that if I could learn to build them, I could escape from the rat race, live in the country and musicians would beat a path to my door.
Roger Sadowsky

Sadowsky Guitars

Using technology that essentially amounts to a military submarine’s passive sonar array, Rick set out to produce a guitar that sounded more acoustic when amplified than any true acoustic ever could.
Rick Turner

Rick Turner Guitars

There are skills and abilities that seem to come naturally to many people. This is unexplainable. My woodworking skills began at 13 years of age in wood shop class. In two short years I began doing setup and repair work on guitars at the local music store where I also gave guitar lessons.
Dan Smocke

Smocke Guitars