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Robert O’Brien designs, builds and sells custom classical, flamenco, steel string and electric guitars. His guitars are built one at a time to the specifications of each client. Robbie offers custom wood selections, including Brazilian Rosewood. Options including cutaway designs and sound ports are also available. A high gloss finish is standard for his steel string guitars and French polish is standard on his classical guitars.

  1.  How did you get started building instruments?  I was living in Brazil and was fortunate enough to find someone willing to teach me how to build guitars. I was already a classical player at that time and a wood worker. So, the next logical step was to put the two things together and build my own instrument.
  2.  What differentiates your instruments from others in the field?  My instruments are what I like to call, simple but elegant, built one at a time in my shop using traditional methods.
  3.  What about the ACCESS brand resonates with you?  ? I do a lot of teaching and all of my students need cases for the instruments they build with me. I had been using Access for years for my personal commissioned guitars and the price and quality of the Access cases worked well for my students as well.