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This solid 1-piece mahogany body masterpiece has a 3-piece flamed maple neck with an 11-16 degree compound radius and heel adjustable spoke-wheel truss rod. The 6 degree tilt-back headstock eliminates the need for string trees. You’ll also find a Schroeder milled bridge with compensated/slotted saddles and custom wound RC black-tie pickups.


Anthony Sims – Lucky Dog Guitars

Lucky Dog guitars are handcrafted one at a time in the foothills of Eastern Tennessee. No production lines & no mass produced parts. Only the best quality wood, pickups and hardware are used.

  1. How did you get started building instruments?  After playing guitars for 30 years & playing in bands for 20+ years I found myself frustrated with instruments in my price range not having the playability, tone, and aesthetics that I wanted. Eventually I decided to build myself what I felt would be the ultimate guitar for my needs that I was unable to afford. This was the birth of the Lucky Dog Televangelist. Named after my dog “Lucky” and I felt Televangelist was the perfect name for a guitar prepared to preach the gospel of good guitar music. After taking this guitar out to various shows I was playing, supporting acts & local musicians started to inquire about having a Lucky Dog built. I agreed to build one for a well known regional player from my area & the next thing I know calls started pouring in. Within a few months I was getting calls/emails literally around the world. I still treat this as a part-time hobby because I wish to hang on to the ability to put quality guitars out rather than focusing on quantity. Currently I build between 15-20 guitars a year.
  2. What differentiates your instruments from others in the field?  Very detailed focus to building the best guitar I can whether it takes me 4 weeks or 8+ weeks. Also, I often have a minimum of 20-30hrs in the visual finishing of the guitar. Each one is completely unique, no two are alike. When you buy a Lucky Dog guitar you can rest assured you aren’t going to see someone else with one just like yours. These days so many people utilize mass produced necks, bodies, standard finishing processes, standard grade hardware & pickups. Rightfully so, to maximize their profits. I am more focused on the quality & uniqueness of my product as well as building a reputation for Lucky Dog. I believe the extra time & extra dollars in high end hardware & other unique features are what sets us apart.
  3. What about the ACCESS brand resonates with you?  I instantly hit it off with Carmen of ACCESS Bags and Cases due to her extremely friendly and professional personality. After seeing the ACCESS Stage-5 cases at NAMM I knew they were among the nicest, most well-constructed cases I had seen. The ordering process is always very easy, seamless, and fast. I like the way Access is run as a business as much as I like their cases. With that said, the Stage-5 case is so beautiful yet rugged. A lifetime case.