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Harvest Fine Leather Fat

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Harvest Fine Leather Fat

Known for their top-of-line genuine leather gig bags, Harvest Fine Leather offers a fine leather fat. It is a synthetic fat, used to restore and preserve smooth leather in its original suppleness, as well as to prevent it from hardening, give it a degree of water resistance, and hide minor blemishes, so you can keep your gig bag, strap, belt, purse, or jacket looking sharp!

This item includes 4.2 fluid ounces (125 mL) of the solidified fat. To use, apply it to the leather thinly and sparingly using a rag, wiping in circles and working the fat into the leather. Repeat as needed.  Try on an small, inconspicuous area of the leather prior to treating the entire item to ensure the fat does not give your it an undesired appearance.  This fat is safe for use even on delicate leather!  Keep out of reach of children.  Note this product is not to be used on nubuck leather.

Also in the Harvest Fine Leather Care product line is HLCO7, a leather impregnation and maintenance oil that will restore your leather’s suppleness, as well as make it more water and age resistant.

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