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Black Top Grade Nappa Short Bass and Guitar Strap

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This handmade, genuine leather extra short guitar strap will add style to your guitar and give you confidence that the authentic leather will never let you – nor your instrument – down. It is constructed from 100% full-textured calfskin, a first-class garment napa leather with a look and feel reminiscent of driving gloves. As with all natural products, you can expect slight variations in color and texture between straps.

As far as comfort is concerned, two pieces of leather enclose the perfect amount of padding. Moreover, the width of this strap is over 3 inches (8.3 cm) disributing the weight of a guitar nicely across the shoulder. This strap is also fully and finely adjustable thanks to the nylon buckles and the nylon band, which is sewn securely to both layers of the top grade leather.

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Extra Short Guitar Strap by Harvest Fine Leather

The dimensions of the extra short guitar strap are as follows:

  • The length (measured from hole to hole) is adjustable from 47 inches to 59 inches (119cm to 150cm).
  • The width is 3.25 inches (8.3 cm).
  • The holes are 0.24 inches (6 mm) in diameter with a slit 0.55 inches (14 mm) long.

Both holes are ready to accommodate a classic instrument pin.  HOWEVER, we strongly recommend using a security lock to prevent the leather from wearing out prematurely.

This strap is the perfect length for those who like to hold their bass in a higher position while playing, or if the pin on your instrument is not located at the very middle (at the very bottom, in an upright position), like some of the F-basses. There are also two other versions of this strap featuring the classic length adjustment: HLS017 and HLS 217, perfect for those who prefer to hold their instrument lower while playing. Designed especially for guitars is the fine strap HLS117.

  • HLS017, with a length range of 47 inches to 48.25 inches (107 cm to 122.5 cm)
  • HLS217, with a length range of 50.5 inches to 56.5 inches (128 cm to 143.5 cm)
  • HLS117, with a length range of 46.5 inches to 50.0 inches (118 cm to 127 cm)

Love this particular style of leather? Harvest Fine Leather also makes a gig bag with it! This strap matches the bass gig bag HLB117, which sports the same supple black leather.

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