Black Buffalo & Canvas Archtop/Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Bag

This archtop/dreadnaught acoustic guitar gig bag is handmade and truly one-of-a-kind, constructed from 100% fully textured rich brown calf leather with multi depth dyes - as the bag wears, it will take on a unique marbled look.  This gig bag is specifically built for an archtop/dreadnaught acoustic guitar.

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Black Canvas & Buffalo Leather Archtop/Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Bag by Harvest Fine Leather

A classic look for your not-so-classic guitar.  This archtop/dreadnaught acoustic guitar gig bag features...

  • Interior Dimensions: Overall Length: 44" (1194mm);  Upper Bout:14-1/2" (368mm);  Lower Bout: 17" (394mm);  Depth: 5" (127mm)
  • High-quality canvas and buffalo leather.
  • Handmade antique finish.
  • Sturdy brass fittings.
  • Interior moveable neck support.
  • Anti-static, hardwearing, polyamide interior with two specially positioned leather patches for additional bridge, strings and instrument hardware protection.
  • Thick, dual-layer, shock-absorbing foam.
  • 2-mm thick hardened plastic floor plate.